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Porto/Post/Doc is a documentary film & media festival.

For the 6th edition, Identity was the main subject of the festival held in the city of Porto. Our approach to this year’s image was about questioning what can identity be today? Genre and its variations. What defines us and how do we want to be defined?

How others see and identify each one of us transported us to an idea focused on a phenomenon of this millennium that insists on living trapped in a collage of identities originating in the twentieth century. From TV series, music, art or architecture, we’ve lived this last 20 years with a weird notion of how we can build a contemporary identity. What’s identity in a globalised world? What’s identity when you have to flee from the place you were born? What’s identity when you have social media? What’s identity?

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    The intriguing and inquisitive figure centred in the poster is a thief, a bank robber, a politician and a refugee fleeing from war. It’s Niki Lauda and Mickey Mouse at the same time, it’s each one of us concerned and confused about what the future can bring, it’s whoever you want it to be.

    “The first decade of the twenty-first century appears to belong to the collagist, for whom the creative act is not invention from scratch but rather the collecting, cutting and pasting of the already extant." — Collage Culture. Examining the 21st Century's Identity Crisis photos by Dobra and Renato Cruz

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