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Power and architecture are fundamental to the question of how contemporary society and architecture work together. Since power lacks an all­‑encompassing logic, coherence, and capability for instrumentalisation, the question concerns both the autonomous powers of architectural forms and a set of external powers re­‑presented through architecture.

Curators: Jorge Carvalho, Pedro Bandeira, Ricardo Carvalho
Organization and Production: Casa da Arquitectura

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  • The selected projects, based on current and extreme syntheses of comprehensive and complex world­‑views, enable mapping a network of powers that align, intersect, inflect, and diverge from each other: collective power, regulatory power, technological power, economic power, domestic power, cultural power, media power, and ritual power. The issue of counterpower, always implicit, may then be explicitly discussed against this background.

    Exhibition photography: © aNC arquitectos

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  • Across a continuous device (but not necessarily visited in sequence), the exhibition renders visible sets of entities, informal conventions, actors and means involved in the creation of architecture, that is, it expresses the dynamics of the collective that ceaselessly test the architectural composition of the common world.

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  • Please Share was an intense programme focused on the interaction between students and international well-known architects. During eight days, students and architects from all over the world participated in groups to develop different projects. There were workshops, conferences, field trips and three masterclasses presented by guest personalities.

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