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Power/Architecture’s main purpose is to question how contemporary society and architecture work together. This book was published from an exhibition with the same name that inaugurated the Casa da Arquitectura in Porto, Portugal. It presents a discussion over 8 different powers: collective power, ordaining power, economic power, technological power, ritual power, cultural power, media power and domestic power. Also, the issue of counterpower, always implicit, is explicitly discussed against this background.

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  • The layout and materials used in this book are intentionally austere in order to evoque a memory of how architecture is sometimes imposed as a gesture of power. Also, the design options act as metaphors to a set of external powers that are usually represented through architecture. The book has a hardcover with the title screenprinted in canvas.

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  • Power/Architecture is edited in two languages. The black canvas cover is for the portuguese version while the white canvas cover is for the english version.

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