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We've been friends with this great band Linda Martini for quite a long time. We've met when both our bands were starting, back in 2007. Then, half of our band turned into a graphic design studio and Linda Martini still play and edit records. At their 5th album they thought they should have the italian girl who gave name to the band on the cover. So when they came to us and asked us to do the artwork they only had a low-res Instagram picture of her. Imagining solutions to display Linda's face on the record cover we thought it could be interesting to have it with an "immortalized" feeling. Nothing better than an oil paint to accomplish that, like the ones you can put on the wall with your great-grandparents in it. And that's what we did, in Shenzhen, China.

Linda Martini Image:1 dobra-linda-02
Linda Martini Image:2 dobra-linda-03
Linda Martini Image:3 dobra-linda-11
Linda Martini Image:4 dobra-linda-01
Linda Martini Image:5 dobra-linda-07

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